Questions & Answers of Dynamic Analysis of Linkages

The forces $F_1$ and $F_2$ in a brake band and the direction of rotation of the drum are as shown in the figure. The coefficient of friction is 0.25. The angle of wrap is $\frac{3\pi}2$ radians. It is given that R = 1 m and $F_2$ = 1 N. The torque (in N-m) exerted on the drum is _________


For the brake shown in the figure, which one of the following is TRUE?


A slider crank mechanism has slider mass of 10 kg, stroke of 0.2 m and rotates with a uniform angular velocity of 10 rad/s. The primary inertia forces of the slider are partially balanced by a revolving mass of 6 kg at the crank, placed at a distance equal to crank radius. Neglect the mass of connecting rod and crank. When the crank angle (with respect to slider axis) is 30°, the unbalanced force (in newton) normal to the slider axis is _______