Questions & Answers of Mohr’s Circle For Plane Stress and Plane Strain

The state of stress at a point on an element is shown in figure (a). The same state of stress is shown in another coordinate system in figure (b).


The components $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{\left(\tau_{xx},\tau_{yy},\tau_{xy}\right)}$ are given by


The state of sttress at a point is given by σx=-6 MPa, σy=4 MPa, and τxy=-8 MPa.The maximum tensiile stress (in MPa) at the point is ________

The state of stress at a point under plane stress condition is

σxx=40MPa, σyy=100MPa and τxy=40MPa

The radius of the Mohr’s circle representing the given state of stress in MPa is

The state of plane-stress at a point is given by σx =−200MPa, σy = 100MPa and τ= 100MPa . The maximum shear stress in MPa is

If the principal stresses in a plane stress problem are σ1 = 100 MPa,σ2 = 40 MPa, the magnitude of the maximum shear stress (in MPa) will be

A two dimensional fluid element rotates like a rigid body. At a point within the element, the pressure is 1 unit. Radius of the Mohr’s circle, characterizing the state of stress at the point, is