Questions & Answers of Euler’s Theory of Columns

Question No. 27

Consider a steel (Young’s modulus E = 200 GPa) column hinged on both sides. Its height is 1.0 m and cross-section is 10mm×20mm. The lowest Euler critical bucking load (in N) is _______.

Question No. 23

For a long slender column of uniform cross section, the ratio of critical buckling load for the case with both ends clamped to the case with both ends hinged is

Question No. 10

A column has a rectangular cross-section of 10mm x 20mm and a length of 1m. The slenderness ratio of the column is close to

Question No. 36

The rod PQ of length L with flexural rigidity EI is hinged at both ends. For what minimum force F is it expected to buckle?