GATE Questions & Answers of Euler’s Theory of Columns

What is the Weightage of Euler’s Theory of Columns in GATE Exam?

Total 4 Questions have been asked from Euler’s Theory of Columns topic of Mechanics of Materials subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.25.

Consider a steel (Young’s modulus E = 200 GPa) column hinged on both sides. Its height is 1.0 m and cross-section is 10 mm × 20 mm. The lowest Euler critical bucking load (in N) is _______.

For a long slender column of uniform cross section, the ratio of critical buckling load for the case with both ends clamped to the case with both ends hinged is

A column has a rectangular cross-section of 10mm x 20mm and a length of 1m. The slenderness ratio of the column is close to

The rod PQ of length L with flexural rigidity EI is hinged at both ends. For what minimum force F is it expected to buckle?