GATE Questions & Answers of Shafts

What is the Weightage of Shafts in GATE Exam?

Total 6 Questions have been asked from Shafts topic of Machine Design subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.50.

A motor driving a solid circulr steel shaft transmits 40 kW of power at 500 rpm. If the diameter of the shaft is 400 mm, the maximum shear stress in the shaft is _________ MPa.

A hollow shaft ($ d_0=2d_i $ where $ d_0 $ and $ d_i $ are the outer and inner diameters respectively) needs to transmit 20 kW power at 3000 RPM. If the maximum permissible shear stress is 30 MPA, $ d_0 $ is

A rotating steel shaft is supported at the ends. It is subjected to a point load at the center. The maximum bending stress developed is 100 MPa. If the yield, ultimate and corrected endurance strength of the shaft material are 300 MPa, 500 MPa and 200 MPa, respectively, then the factor of safety for the shaft is _______

A shaft is subjected to pure torsional moment. The maximum shear stress developed in the shaft is 100 MPa. The yield and ultimate strengths of the shaft material in tension are 300 MPa and 450 MPa, respectively. The factor of safety using maximum distortion energy (von-Mises) theory is _______

A solid circular shaft needs to be designed to transmit a torque of 50 N.m. If the allowable shear stress of the material is 140 MPa, assuming a factor of safety of 2, the minimum allowable design diameter in mm is

A solid circular shaft of diameter d is subjected to a combined bending moment M and torque, T. The material property to be used for designing the shaft using the relation 16πd3M2+T2 is