Mechanical Engineering - GATE 2010 Paper Solution


The parabolic arc y = x, 1 ≤ x ≤ 2 is revolved around the x-axis. The volume of the solid of revolution is

The Blasius equation d3fdη3+f2d2fdη2=0 is a

The value of the integral -dx1+x2 is

The modulus of the complex number 3+4i1-2i is

The function y = |2 - 3x|

Mobility of a statically indeterminate structure is

There are two points P and Q on a planar rigid body. The relative velocity between the two points

The state of plane-stress at a point is given by σx =−200MPa, σy = 100MPa and τ= 100MPa . The maximum shear stress in MPa is

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

The natural frequency of a spring-mass system on earth is ωn. The natural frequency of this system on the moon (gmoon = gearth /6) is

Tooth interference in an external involute spur gear pair can be reduced by

For the stability of a floating body, under the influence of gravity alone, which of the following is TRUE?

The maximum velocity of a one-dimensional incompressible fully developed viscous flow, between two fixed parallel plates, is 6ms-1. The mean velocity (in ms-1) of the flow is

A phenomenon is modeled using n dimensional variables with k primary dimensions. The number of non-dimensional variables is

A turbo-charged four-stroke direct injection diesel engine has a displacement volume of 0.0259m3 ( 25.9litres ) . The engine has an output of 950kW at 2200rpm. The mean effective pressure in MPa is closest to

One kilogram of water at room temperature is brought into contact with a high temperature thermal reservoir. The entropy change of the universe is

A hydraulic turbine develops 1000kW power for a head of 40m. If the head is reduced to 20m, the power developed (in kW) is

The material property which depends only on the basic crystal structure is

In a gating system, the ratio 1:2:4 represents

A shaft has a dimension,?35-0.009-0.025. The respective values of fundamental deviation and tolerance are