GATE Questions & Answers of Differential equations Electrical Engineering

The solution for the differential equation


with initial conditions x0=1 and dxdtt=0=1 is

Consider the differential equation x2d2ydx2+xdydx-y=0 Which of the following is a solution to this differential equation for x > 0?

With initial condition x(1) = 0.5 , the solution of the differential equation,

tdxdt+x=t is

Consider the differential equation

d2ytdt2+2dytdt+yt=δt with y(t)t=0-=-2 and dydtt=0-=0

The numerical value of dydtt=0+ is

With K as a constant, the possible solution for the first order differential equation dydx=e-3x is

For the differential equation d2xdt2+6dxdt+8x=0 with initial conditions x(0) = 1 and dxdtt=0=0 the solution is

A differential equation dxdt=e-2tut,has to be solved using trapezoidal rule of integration with a step size h=0.01s.Function u(t) indicates a unit step function. If x(0-)=0,then value of x at t=0.01 s will be given by