GATE Questions & Answers of Maxima and Minima

What is the Weightage of Maxima and Minima in GATE Exam?

Total 8 Questions have been asked from Maxima and Minima topic of Calculus subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.75.

Let fx=xe-x. The maximum value of the function in the interval 0, is

Minimum of the real valued function fx=x-123 occurs at x equal to

The minimum value of the function  fx=x3-3x2-24x+100 in the interval [-3, 3] is

The maximum value of f(x) = x3 - 9x2 + 24x + 5 in the interval [1, 6] is

The function fx=2x-x2+3 has

At t = 0, the function ft=sintt has

A cubic polynomial with real coefficients

Consider function f(x)=(x2-4)2 where x is a real number. Then the function has