GATE Questions & Answers of Symmetrical Components

What is the Weightage of Symmetrical Components in GATE Exam?

Total 1 Questions have been asked from Symmetrical Components topic of Power Systems subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.00.

The series impedance matrix of a short three-phase transmission line in phase coordinates is $ \begin{bmatrix}Z_s&Z_m&Z_m\\Z_m&Z_s&Z_m\\Z_m&Z_m&Z_s\end{bmatrix} $ . If the positive sequence impedance is $ \left(1+\;j\;10\right)\;\Omega $ , and the zero sequence is $ \left(4+\;j\;31\right)\;\Omega $ , then the imaginary part of $ Z_m\;(in\;\Omega) $ is ______(up to 2 decimal places).