GATE Questions & Answers of Power Generation Concepts

What is the Weightage of Power Generation Concepts in GATE Exam?

Total 8 Questions have been asked from Power Generation Concepts topic of Power Systems subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.62.

Base load power plants are

P: wind farms.
Q: run-of-river plants.
R: nuclear power plants.
S: diesel power plants.

Consider the economic dispatch problem for a power plant having two generating units. The fuel costs in Rs/MWh along with the generation limits for the two units are given below:

C1P1=0.01P12+30P1+10; 100MWP1150MW

C2P2=0.05P22+10P2+10; 100MWP2180MW

The incremental cost (in Rs/MWh) of the power plant when it supplies 200 MW is _____.

The incremental costs (in Rupees/MWh) of operating two generating units are functions of their respective powers P1 and P2 in MW, and are given by



20MWP1150 MW

For a certain load demand, P1 and P2 have been chosen such that dC1/dP1 = 76 Rs/MWh and dC2/dP2 = 68.8 Rs/MWh. If the generations are rescheduled to minimize the total cost, then P2 is _____________.

The fuel cost functions of two power plants are

Plant P1:C1=0.05Pg12+APg1+B

Plant P2:C2=0.10Pg22+3APg2+2B

where, Pg1 and Pg2 are the generated powers of two plants, and A and B are the constants. If the two plants optimally share 1000 MW load at incremental fuel cost of 100 Rs/MWh, the ratio of load shared by plants P1 and P2 is

The figure shows a two-generator system supplying a load of PD = 40 MW, connected at bus 2.

The fuel cost of generators G1 and G2 are :

C1(PG1)=10,000 Rs/MWh and C2(PG2)=12,500 Rs/MWh

and the loss in the line is Plosspu=0.5PG1pu2,where the loss coefficient is specified in pu on a 100 MVA base. The most economic power generation schedule in MW is

A load center of 120 MW derives power from two power stations connected by 220 kV transmission lines of 25 km and 75 km as shown in the figure below. The three generators G1,G2 and G3 are of 100 MW capacity each and have identical fuel cost characteristics. The minimum loss generation schedule for supplying the 120 MW load is

Three generators are feeding a load of 100MW. The details of the generators are

  Rating(MW) Efficiency (%)  Regulation (p.u.) on 100 MVA base
Generator-1 100 20 0.02
Generator-2 100 30 0.04
Generator-3 100 40 0.03

The incremental cost curves in Rs/MWhr for two generators supplying a common load of 700 MW are shown in the figures. The maximum and minimum generation limits are also indicated. The optimum generation schedule is