GATE Questions & Answers of Distribution Systems

What is the Weightage of Distribution Systems in GATE Exam?

Total 6 Questions have been asked from Distribution Systems topic of Power Systems subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.83.

A three-phase cable is supplying 800 kW and 600 kVAr to an inductive load. It is intended to supply an additional resistive load of 100 kW through the same cable without increasing the heat dissipation in the cable, by providing a three-phase bank of capacitors connected in star across the load. Given the line voltage is 3.3 kV, 50 Hz, the capacitance per phase of the bank, expressed in microfarads, is ________.

The undesirable property of an electrical insulating material is

A distribution feeder of 1 km length having resistance, but negligible reactance, is fed from both the ends by 400V, 50 Hz balanced sources. Both voltage sources S1 and S2 are in phase. The feeder supplies concentrated loads of unity power factor as shown in the figure.

The contributions of S1 and S2 in 100 A current supplied at location P respectively, are

Consider a three-phase, 50Hz, 11kV distribution system. Each of the conductors is suspended by an insulator string having two identical porcelain insulators. The self capacitance of the insulator is 5 times the shunt capacitance between the link and the ground, as shown in the figure. The voltage across the two insulators is

Consider a three-core, three-phase, 50Hz, 11kV cable whose conductors are denoted as R, Y and B in the figure. The inter-phase capacitance (C1) between each pair of conductors is 0.2μF and the capacitance between each line conductor and the sheath is0.4 μF. The per-phase charging current is

Single line diagram of a 4-bus single source distribution system is shown below. Branches e1,e2,e3 and e4 have equal impedances. The load current values indicated in the figure are in per unit.

Distribution company’s policy requires radial system operation with minimum loss. This can be achieved by opening of the branch