Questions & Answers of Operating Principle of Single Phase Induction Motors

Question No. 132

The direction of rotation of a single-phase capacitor run induction motor is reversed by

Question No. 152

The flux linkage λ and current i relation for an electromagnetic system is $\style{font-family:Arial}{\lambda=\left(\sqrt i\right)/\mathrm g}$. When i=2A and g (air-gap length) = 10 cm, the magnitude of mechanical force on the moving part, in N, is ________.

Question No. 42

A 220V, 50Hz, single-phase induction motor has the following connection diagram and winding orientations shown. MM' is the axis of the main stator winding (M1M2) and AA' is that of the auxiliary winding (A1A2). Directions of the winding axes indicate direction of flux when currents in the windings are in the directions shown. Parameters of each winding are indicated. When switch S is closed, the motor

Question No. 13

In a stepper motor, the detent torque means

Question No. 47

A 230 V, 50 Hz, 4-pole, single-phase induction motor is rotating in the clockwise (forward) direction at a speed of 1425 rpm. If the rotor resistance at standstill is 7.8 Ω, then the effective rotor resistance in the backward branch of the equivalent circuit will be

Question No. 47

A three-phase, three-stack, variable reluctance step motor has 20 poles on each rotor and stator stack. The step angle of this step motor is