GATE Questions & Answers of Oscilloscopes

What is the Weightage of Oscilloscopes in GATE Exam?

Total 5 Questions have been asked from Oscilloscopes topic of Electrical and Electronic Measurements subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.00.

The slope and level detector circuit in a CRO has delay of 100 ns. The start-stop sweep generator has a response time of 50 ns. In order to display correctly, a delay line of

A stationary closed Lissajous pattern on an oscilloscope has 3 horizontal tangencies and 2 vertical tangencies for a horizontal input with frequency 3 kHz. The frequency of the vertical input is

In an oscilloscope screen, linear sweep is applied at the

The two signals S1 and S2, shown in figure, are applied to Y and X deflection plates of an oscilloscope

The waveform displayed on the screen is

The probes of a non-isolated, two channel oscillocope are clipped to points A, B and C in the circuit of the adjacent figure. Vin is a square wave of a suitable low frequency. The display on Ch1 and Ch2 are as shown on the right. Then the “Signal” and “Ground” probes S1, G1 and S2, G2 of Ch1 and Ch2 respectively are connected to points: