GATE Questions & Answers of Error Analysis

What is the Weightage of Error Analysis in GATE Exam?

Total 3 Questions have been asked from Error Analysis topic of Electrical and Electronic Measurements subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.00.

The following measurement are obtained on a single phase load; V=220 V±1%,I=5.0 A±1% and W=555 W±2%. If the power factor is calculated using these measurements, the worst case error in the calculated power factor in percent is__________. (Give the answer up to two decimal places)

Two resistors with nominal resistance values R1 and R2 have addictive uncertainties $\triangle$R1 and $\triangle$R2, respectively. When these resistances are connected in parallel, the deviation of the error in the equivalent resistance R is

A capacitive voltage divider is used to measure the bus voltage Vbus in a high-voltage 50 Hz AC system as shown in the figure. The measurement capacitor C1 and C2 have tolerances of ±10% on their normal capacitance values. If the bus voltage Vbuis 100 kV rms, the maximum rms output voltage Vout(in kV), considering toleance , is _____________.