GATE Questions & Answers of Digital Voltmeters and Multimeters

What is the Weightage of Digital Voltmeters and Multimeters in GATE Exam?

Total 4 Questions have been asked from Digital Voltmeters and Multimeters topic of Electrical and Electronic Measurements subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.25.

The input impedance of the permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) voltmeter is infinite. Assuming that the diode shown in the figure below is ideal, the reading of the voltmeter in Volts is

A periodic voltage waveform observed on an oscilloscope across a load is shown. A permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) meter connected across the same load reads

An analog voltmeter uses external multiplier settings. With a multiplier setting of 20 kΩ, it reads 440 V and with a multiplier setting of 80 kΩ, it reads 352 V. For a multiplier setting of 40 kΩ, the voltmeter reads

An ammeter has a current range of 0 - 5 A, and its internal resistance is 0.2Ω. In order to change the range to 0 - 25 A, we need to add a resistance of