GATE Questions & Answers of Three Phase Circuits

What is the Weightage of Three Phase Circuits in GATE Exam?

Total 2 Questions have been asked from Three Phase Circuits topic of Electric Circuits subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 2.00.

A three-phase load is connected to a three-phase balanced supply as shown in the figure. If $ V_{an}=100\angle0^\circ\; $ V ,$ V_{bn}=100\angle-120^\circ\; $ V and $ V_{cn}=100\angle-240^\circ\; $ V  (angles are considered positive in the anti-clockwise direction), the value of R for zero current in the neutral wire is ___________$ \Omega $ (up to 2 decimal places).


For the balanced Y-Y connected 3-phase in the figure below, the line-line voltage is 208 V rms and the total power absorbed by the load is 432 W at a power factor of 0.6 leading.



The approximate value of the impedance Z is