Questions & Answers of Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis

The voltage across the capacitor, as shown in the figure, is expressed as


The values of  A 1and  A 2 respectively, are

The total power dissipated in the circuit, shown in the figure, is 1 kW.

The voltmeter, across the load, reads 200 V. The value of  XL is ___________.

A source νs(t)=Vcos100πt has an internal impedance of (4+j3)Ω.If a purely resistive load connected to this source has to extract the maximum power out of the source, its value in Ω should be

In the circuit shown below, if the source voltage Vs=10053.13°V then Thevenin’s equivalent voltage in Volts as seen by the load resistance RL is

Two magnetically uncoupled inductive coils have Q factors q1 and q2 at the chosen operating frequency. Their respective resistances are R1 and R2. When connected in series, their effective Q factor at the same operating frequency is