GATE Questions & Answers of Resonance

What is the Weightage of Resonance in GATE Exam?

Total 7 Questions have been asked from Resonance topic of Electric Circuits subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.86.

In the circuit shown below, the supply voltage is 10sin1000t volts. The peak value of the steady state current through the 1 Ω resistor, in amperes,

The circuit below is excited by a sinusoidal source. The value of R, in Ω, for which the admittance of the circuit becomes a pure conductance at all frequencies is _____________.

In the balanced 3-phase, 50 Hz, circuit shown below, the value of inductance (L) is 10 mH. The value of the capacitance (C) for which all the line currents are zero, in millifarads, is ___________.

An inductor is connected in parallel with a capacitor as shown in the figure.

As the frequency of current i is increased, the impedance (Z) of the network varies as

A series RLC circuit is observed at two frequencies. At ω1=1 krad/s, we note that source voltage V1=1000oV results in a current I1=0.0331oA. At ω2=2 krad/s, the source voltage V2=1000oV results in a current I1=231oA. The closest values for R,L,C out of the following options are

The resonant frequency for the given circuit will be

The R-L-C series circuit shown in figure is supplied from a variable frequency voltage source. The admittance - locus of the R-L-C network at terminals AB for increasing frequency ω is