Electrical Engineering - GATE 2020 Paper Solution


This book, including all its chapters, ________ interesting. The students as well as the instructor ________ in agreement about it.

People were prohibited ______ their vehicles near the entrance of the main administrative building.

Select the word that fits the analogy:

Do : Undo :: Trust : ______

Stock marktes _______ at the news of the coup.

If P, Q, R, S are four individuals, how many teams of size exceeding one can be formed, with Q as a member ?

Non-performing Assets (NPAs) of a bank in India is defined as an asset, which remains unpaid by a borrower for a certain period of time in terms of interest, principal, or both. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has changed the definition of NPA thrice during 1993-2004, in terms of the holding period of loans. The holding period was reduced by one quarter each time. In 1993, the holding period was four quarters (360 days).

Based on the above paragraph, the holding period of loans in 2004 after the third revision was ______ days.

Select the next element of the series: Z, WV, RQP, ________

In four-digit integer numbers from 1001 to 9999, the digit group "37" (in the same sequence) appears _______ times.

Given a semicircle with O as the centre, as shown in the figure, the ratio $ \frac{\overline{AC}+\overline{CB}}{\overline{AB}} $ is ______ , where $ \overline{AC},\;\overline{CB} $ and $ \overline{AB} $ are chrods.

The revenue and expenditure of four different companies P, Q, R and S in 2015 are shown in the figure. If the revenue of company Q in 2015 was 20% more than that in 2014, and company Q had earned a profit of 10% on expenditure in 2014, then its expenditure (in million rupees) in 2014 was ______ .

$ ax^3+bx^2+cx+d $ is a polynomial on real $x$ over real coefficients $ a, b, c, d $ where in $ a\neq0 $. Which of the following statements is true ?

Which of the following is true for all possible non-zero choices of integers $ m,\;n;\;m\neq n $ or all possible non-zero choices of real numbers $ p,\;q;\;p\neq q $, as applicable ?

Which of the following statements is true about the two sided Laplace transform ?

Consider a signal $ x\left[n\right]=\left(\frac12\right)^n1\left[n\right], $ where $ 1[n]=0 $ if $ n<0, $  and $ 1[n]=1 $ if $ n\geq0. $ The z-transform of $ x\left[n-k\right],\;k>0\;\mathrm{is}\;\frac{z^{-k}}{1-{\displaystyle\frac12}z^{-1}} $ with region of convergence being

The value of the following complex integral, with C representing the unit circle centered at origin in the counterclockwise sense, is:

$ \int_C\frac{z^2+1}{z^2+2z}\mathrm{dz} $

$ x_R $ and $x_A$ are, respectively, the rms and average values of $ x(t)=x(t-T) $, and similarly, $ y_R $ and $ y_R $ are, respectively, the rms and average value of $ y\left(t\right)=kx\left(t\right).k,T $ are independent of t. Which of the following is true ?

A three-phase cylindrical rotor synchronous generator has a synchronous reactance XS and a negligible armature resistance. The magnitude of per phase terminal voltage is VA and the magnitude of per phase induced emf is EA. Considering the following two statements, P and Q,

P: For any three-phase balanced leading load connected across the terminals of this synchronous generator, VA is always more than EA

Q: For any three-phase balanced lagging load connected across the terminals of this synchronous generator, VA is always less than EA

which of the following options is correct ?

A lossless transmission line with 0.2 pu reactance per phase uniformly distributedd along the length of the line, connecting a generator bus to a bus, is protected up to 80 % of its length by a distance relay placed at the generator bus. The generator terminal voltage is 1 pu. There is no generation at the load bus. The threshold pu current for operation of the distance relay for a solid three phase-to-ground fault on the transmission line is closest to:

Out of the following options, the most relevant information needed to specify the real power (P) at the PV buses in a load flow analysis is

Consider a linear time-invariant system whose input $ r\left(t\right) $ and output $y(t)$ are related by the following differential equation:

$ \frac{d^2y\left(t\right)}{d\left(t\right)^2}+4y(t)=6r(t) $

The poles of this system are at