Electrical Engineering - GATE 2019 Paper Solution


I am not sure if the bus that has been booked will be able to ___________ all the students.

The passengers were angry _________ the airline staff about the delay.

The missing number in the given sequence 343, 1331, _____, 4913 is

It takes two hours for a person X to mow the lawn. Y can mow the same lawn in four hours. How long (in minutes) will it take X and Y, if they work together to mow the lawn?

Newspapers are a constant source of delight and recreation for me. The ____ trouble is that I read ____ many of them.

How many integers are there between 100 and 1000 all of whose digits are even?

The ratio of the number of boys and girls who participated in an examination is 4:3. The total percentage of candidates who passed the examination is 80 and the percentage of girls who passed is 90. The percentage of boys who passed is ______.

An award-winning study by a group of researchers suggests that men are as prone to buying on impulse as women but women feel more guilty about shopping.

Which one of the following statements can be inferred from the given text?

Given two sets X = {1, 2, 3} and Y = {2, 3, 4}, we construct a set Z of all possible fractions where the numerators belong to set X and the denominators belong to set Y. The product of elements having minimum and maximum values in the set Z is ____.

Consider five people – Mita, Ganga, Rekha, Lakshmi and Sana. Ganga is taller than both Rekha and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is taller than Sana. Mita is taller than Ganga.

Which of the following conclusions are true?

1. Lakshmi is taller than Rekha

2. Rekha is shorter than Mita

3. Rekha is taller than Sana

4. Sana is shorter than Ganga

The inverse Laplace transform of $ H(s)=\frac{s+3}{s^2+2s+1} $ for $ t\geq0 $ is

M is a 2 $\times$ 2 matrix with eigenvalues 4 and 9. The eigenvalues of M2 are

The partial differential equation

$ \frac{\partial^2u}{\partial t^2}-c^2\left(\frac{\partial^2u}{\partial x^2}+\frac{\partial^2u}{\partial y^2}\right)=0;\;\mathrm{where}\;c\neq0 $

is known as

Which one of the following functions is analytic in the region |z| $\leq$ 1?

The mean-square of a zero-mean random process is $ \frac{kT}C $ , where k is Boltzmann’s constant, T is the absolute temperature, and C is a capacitance. The standard deviation of the random process is

A system transfer function is $ H(s)=\frac{a_1s^2+b_1s+c_1}{a_2s^2+b_2s+c_2} $ . If $ a_1=b_1=0 $, and all other coefficients are positive, the transfer function represents a

The symbols, $a$ and T, represent positive quantities, and $ u(t) $ is the unit step function. Which one of the following impulse responses is NOT the output of a causal linear time-invariant system?

A 5 kVA, 50 V/100 V, single-phase transformer has a secondary terminal voltage of 95 V when loaded. The regulation of the transformer is

A six-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier is connected to a balanced three-phase, 50 Hz AC source. Assuming that the DC output current of the rectifier is constant, the lowest harmonic component in the AC input current is

The parameter of an equivalent circuit of a three-phase induction motor affected by reducing the rms value of the supply voltage at the rated frequency is