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Question No. 16 EEE | GATE 2019

A system transfer function is $ H(s)=\frac{a_1s^2+b_1s+c_1}{a_2s^2+b_2s+c_2} $ . If $ a_1=b_1=0 $, and all other coefficients are positive, the transfer function represents a

Answer : (A) low pass filter

Solution of Question No 16 of GATE 2019 EEE Paper

It is given that

$ \mathrm H(\mathrm s)=\frac{{\mathrm a}_1\mathrm s^2+{\mathrm b}_1\mathrm s+{\mathrm c}_1}{{\mathrm a}_2\mathrm s^2+{\mathrm b}_2\mathrm s+{\mathrm c}_2} $

If a1 = b1 = 0, then H(s) becomes

$ \begin{array}{l}\mathrm H(\mathrm s)=\frac{{\mathrm c}_1}{{\mathrm a}_2\mathrm s^2+{\mathrm b}_2\mathrm s+{\mathrm c}_2}\\\mathrm H(0)=\frac{{\mathrm c}_1}{{\mathrm c}_2}\left(\mathrm i.\mathrm e.,\;\mathrm{as}\;\mathrm{low}\;\mathrm{frequency}\;\mathrm s\rightarrow0\Rightarrow\mathrm\omega\rightarrow0\right)\\\mathrm H(\infty)=0\left(\mathrm i.\mathrm e.,\;\mathrm{as}\;\mathrm{high}\;\mathrm{frequency}\;\mathrm s\rightarrow\infty\Rightarrow\mathrm\omega\rightarrow\infty\right)\end{array} $

So the system passes low frequency and blocks high frequency. So it represents a low pass filter.

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