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Question No. 10 EEE | GATE 2019

Consider five people – Mita, Ganga, Rekha, Lakshmi and Sana. Ganga is taller than both Rekha and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is taller than Sana. Mita is taller than Ganga.

Which of the following conclusions are true?

1. Lakshmi is taller than Rekha

2. Rekha is shorter than Mita

3. Rekha is taller than Sana

4. Sana is shorter than Ganga

Answer : (C) 2 and 4

Solution of Question No 10 of GATE 2019 EEE Paper

From the given information, we can draw as follows

Here we don't know who is taller between Rekha & Lakshami.

So A is false:B, C & D are true.

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