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Question No. 124 EEE | GATE 2015

The filters F1 and F2 having characteristics as shown in Figures (a) and (b) are connected as shown in Figure (c).

The cut-off frequencies of F1 and F2 are f1 and f2 respectively. If f1< f2, the resultant circuit exhibits the characteristics of a

Answer : (B) Band-stop filter

Solution of Question No 124 of GATE 2015 EEE Paper

To check the type of system :

we apply a delta function at input $ {\mathrm V}_\mathrm i=\mathrm\delta(\mathrm t) $

$ \mathrm V(\mathrm F)=1\mathrm{VF} $

So voltage at A will be same as voltage at output $ {\mathrm V}_0 $.

$ {\mathrm V}_\mathrm A $ will be equal to voltage due to $ {\mathrm F}_1+ $ voltage due to $ {\mathrm F}_2 $.

Since $ {\mathrm f}_1<{\mathrm f}_2, $ So $ {\mathrm V}_\mathrm A/{\mathrm V}_\mathrm i $ will be

$ {\mathrm V}_0/{\mathrm V}_\mathrm i $ will be

so, the system work as a band stop filter.

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