Electronics and Communication Engg - GATE 2020 Paper Solution


The untimely loss of life is a cause of serious global concern as thousands of people get killed _______ accidents every year while many other die ______ diseases like cardio vascular disease, cancer, etc.

He was not only accused of theft _______ of conspiracy.

Select the word that fits the analogy:

Explicit: Implicit :: Express: _______

The Canadian constitution requires that equal importance be given to English and French. Last year, Air Canada lost a lawsuit, and had to pay a six-figure fine to a French-speaking couple after they field complaints about formal in-flight announcements in English lasting 15 seconds, as opposed to informal 5 second messages in French.

The Fresh-speaking couple were upset at ________ .

A superadditive function f (·) satisfies the following property

$ f\left(x_1+x_2\right)\geq f\left(x_1\right)+f\left(x_2\right) $

Which of the following functions is a superadditive function $ x>1 $ ?

The global financial crisis in 2008 is considered to be the most serious world-wide financial crisis, which started with the sub-prime lending crisis in USA in 2007. The sub-prime lending crisis led to the banking crisis in 2008 with the collaspe of Lehman Brothers in 2008. The sub-prime lending refers to the provision of loans to those borrowers who may have difficulties in repaying loans, and it arises because of excess liquidity following the East Asian crisis.

Which one of the following sequences shows the correct procedence as per the given passage ?

It is quarter past three in your watch. The angle between the hour hand and the minute hand is ________ .

A circle with centre O is shown in the figure. A rectangle PQRS of maximum possible area is inscribed in the circle. If the radius of the circle is $a$ , then the area of the shaded portion is _______ .


$ a, b, c $ are real numbers. The quadratic $ ax^2-bx+c=0 $ has equal roots, which is $ \beta $ , then

The following figure shows the data of students enrolled in 5 years (2014 to 2018) for two schools P and Q. During this period, the ratio of the average number of the students enrolled in school P to the average of the difference of the number of students enrolled in schools P and Q is _________ .

If V1, V2,..., V6 are six vectors in $ \mathbb{R}^4 $, which one of the following statements is FALSE ?

For a vector field $ \overrightarrow A $, which one of the following is FALSE ?

The partial derivative of the function

$ f\left(x,\;y,\;z\right)=e^{1-x\;\cos\;y}+xze^{-1/\left(1+y^2\right)} $

with respect to $x$ at the point $ (1 ,0, e) $ is

The general solution of $ \frac{d^2y}{dx^2}-6\frac{dy}{dx}+9y=0 $ is

The output $y[n]$ of a discrete-time system for an input $x[n]$ is


The unit impulse response of the system is

A signal crystal intrinsic semiconductor is at a temperature of 300 K with effective density of states for holes twice that of electrons. The thermal voltage is 26 mV. The intrinsic Fermi level is shifted from mid-bandgap energy level by

Consider the recombination process via bulk traps in a forward biased pn homojunction diaode. The maximum recombination rate is Umax . If the electron and the hole capture cross-sections are equal, which one of the following is FALSE ?

The components in the circuit shown below are ideal. If the op-amp is in positive feedback and the input voltage Vi is a amplitude 1 V, the output voltage Vo is

In the circuit shown below, the Thevenin voltage VTH is


The figure below shows a multiplexer where S1 and S0 are the select lines, I0 to I3 are the input data lines, EN is the enable line, and $ F(P, Q, R) $ is the output $F$ is