Electronics and Communication Engg - GATE 2019 Paper Solution


The strategies that the company ________ to sell its products ________ house-to-house marketing.

The boat arrived ________ dawn.

It would take one machine 4 hours to complete a production order and another machine 2 hours to complete the same order. If both machines work simultaneously at their respective constant rates, the time taken to complete the same order is ______ hours.

Five different books (P, Q, R, S, T) are to be arranged on a shelf. The books R and S are to be arranged first and second, respectively from the right side of the shelf. The number of different orders in which P, Q and T may be arranged is ___.

When he did not come home, she _________ him lying dead on the roadside somewhere.

Four people are standing in a line facing you. They are Rahul, Mathew, Seema and Lohit. One is an engineer, one is a doctor, one a teacher and another a dancer. You are told that:

1. Mathew is not standing next to Seema

2. There are two people standing between Lohit and the engineer

3. Rahul is not a doctor

4. The teacher and the dancer are standing next to each other

5. Seema is turning to her right to speak to the doctor standing next to her

Who among them is an engineer?

The bar graph in Panel (a) shows the proportion of male and female illiterates in 2001 and 2011. The proportions of males and females in 2001 and 2011 are given in Panel (b) and (c), respectively. The total population did not change during this period. The percentage increase in the total number of literates from 2001 to 2011 is ____.

“Indian history was written by British historians – extremely well documented and researched, but not always impartial. History had to serve its purpose: Everything was made subservient to the glory of the Union Jack. Latter-day Indian scholars presented a contrary picture.”

From the text above, we can infer that:

Indian history written by British historians ____________

Two design consultants, P and Q, started working from 8 AM for a client. The client budgeted a total of USD 3000 for the consultants. P stopped working when the hour hand moved by 210 degrees on the clock. Q stopped working when the hour hand moved by 240 degrees. P took two tea breaks of 15 minutes each during her shift, but took no lunch break. Q took only one lunch break for 20 minutes, but no tea breaks. The market rate for consultants is USD 200 per hour and breaks are not paid. After paying the consultants, the client shall have USD ______ remaining in the budget.

Five people P, Q, R, S and T work in a bank. P and Q don’t like each other but have to share an office till T gets a promotion and moves to the big office next to the garden. R, who is currently sharing an office with T wants to move to the adjacent office with S, the handsome new intern. Given the floor plan, what is the current location of Q, R and T? (O = Office, WR = Washroom)

Which one of the following functions is analytic over the entire complex plane?

The families of curves represented by the solution of the equation

$ \frac{dy}{dx}=-\left(\frac xy\right)^n $

for $n$ = −1 and $n$ = +1, respectively, are

Let $H(z)$ be the z-transform of a real-valued discrete-time signal $h[n]$. If $ P(z)=H(z)H\left(\frac1z\right) $ has a zero at $ z=\frac12+\frac12j $, and $ P(z) $ has a total of four zeros, which one of the following plots represents all the zeros correctly?

Consider the two-port resistive network shown in the figure. When an excitation of 5 V is applied across Port 1, and Port 2 is shorted, the current through the short circuit at Port 2 is measured to be 1 A (see (a) in the figure). .

Now, if an excitation of 5 V is applied across Port 2, and Port 1 is shorted (see (b) in the figure), what is the current through the short circuit at Port 1?


Let $ Y(s) $ be the unit-step response of a causal system having a transfer function

$ G(s)=\frac{3-s}{(s+1)(s+3)} $

that is, $ Y(s)=\frac{G(s)}s $. The forced response of the system is

For an LTI system, the Bode plot for its gain is as illustrated in the figure shown. The number of system poles Np and the number of system zeros Nz in the frequency range 1 Hz $ \leq f\leq $ 107 Hz is

A linear Hamming code is used to map 4-bit messages to 7-bit codewords. The encoder mapping is linear. If the message 0001 is mapped to the codeword 0000111, and the message 0011 is mapped to the codeword 1100110, then the message 0010 is mapped to

Which one of the following options describes correctly the equilibrium band diagram at T=300 K of a Silicon $ pnn^+p^{++} $ configuration shown in the figure ?

p n n+ p++

The correct circuit representation of the structure shown in the figure is

The figure shows the high-frequency C-V curve of a MOS capacitor (at T = 300 K) with ${\mathrm\Phi}_{\mathrm{ms}}$ = 0 V and no oxide charges. The flat-band, inversion, and accumulation conditions are represented, respectively, by the points