Electronics and Communication Engg - GATE 2014 Paper Solution


SET - 1

Choose the most appropriate phrase from the options given below to complete the following sentence.

The aircraft_________ take off as soon as its flight plan was filed.

Read the statements:

All women are entrepreneurs.

Some women are doctors.

Which of the following conclusions can be logically inferred from the above statements?

Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence.

Many ancient cultures attributed disease to supernatural causes. However, modern science has largely helped _________ such notions.

The statistics of runs scored in a series by four batsmen are provided in the following table. Who is the most consistent batsman of these four?

Batsman Average Standard deviation
K 31.2 5.21
L 46.0 6.35
M 54.4 6.22
N 17.9 5.90

What is the next number in the series?

12 35 81 173 357 ____

Find the odd one from the following group:

W,E,K,O   I,Q,W,A    F,N,T,X    N,V,B,D

For submitting tax returns, all resident males with annual income below Rs 10 lakh should fill up Form P and all resident females with income below Rs 8 lakh should fill up Form Q. All people with incomes above Rs 10 lakh should fill up Form R, except non residents with income above Rs 15 lakhs, who should fill up Form S. All others should fill Form T. An example of a person who should fill Form T is

A train that is 280 metres long, travelling at a uniform speed, crosses a platform in 60 seconds and passes a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. What is the length of the platform in metres?

The exports and imports (in crores of Rs.) of a country from 2000 to 2007 are given in the following bar chart. If the trade deficit is defined as excess of imports over exports, in which year is the trade deficit 1/5th of the exports?

You are given three coins: one has heads on both faces, the second has tails on both faces, and the third has a head on one face and a tail on the other. You choose a coin at random and toss it, and it comes up heads. The probability that the other face is tails is

For matrices of same dimension M, N and scalar c, which one of these properties DOES NOT ALWAYS hold?

In a housing society, half of the families have a single child per family, while the remaining half have two children per family. The probability that a child picked at random, has a sibling is _____

C is a closed path in the z-plane given by |z|=3. The value of the integral $\oint_C\left(\frac{z^2-z+4j}{z+2j}\right)dz$

A real (4 × 4) matrix A satisfies the equation A2=I, where is the (4 × 4) identity matrix. The positive eigen value of A is _____.

Let X1, X2, and X3 be independent and identically distributed random variables with the uniform distribution on [0, 1]. The probability P{X1 is the largest} is ________

For maximum power transfer between two cascaded sections of an electrical network, the relationship between the output impedance Z1 of the first section to the input impedance Z2 of the second section is

Consider the configuration shown in the figure which is a portion of a larger electrical network

For R=1 Ω and currents i1=2 A,i4=−1 A,i5= −4 A, which one of the following is TRUE?

When the optical power incident on a photodiode is 10µW and the responsivity is 0.8 A/W, the photocurrent generated (in µA) is ________.

 In the figure, assume that the forward voltage drops of the PN diode D1 and Schottky diode D2 are 0.7 V and 0.3 V, respectively. If ON denotes conducting state of the diode and OFF denotes nonconducting state of the diode, then in the circuit,

 If fixed positive charges are present in the gate oxide of an n-channel enhancement type MOSFET, it will lead to