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Question No. 56 ECE | GATE 2018

In the circuit shown below, a positive edge-triggered D Flip-Flop is used for sampling input data $ D_{in} $ using clock $CK$. The XOR gate outputs 3.3 volts for logic HIGH and 0 volts for logic LOW levels. The data bit and clock periods are equal and the value of $ \bigtriangleup T/T_{CK} $ = 0.15, where the parameters $\bigtriangleup T$ and $ \bigtriangleup T_{CK} $ are shown in the figure. Assume that the Flip-Flop and the XOR gate are ideal.

If the probability of input data bit $ \left(D_{in}\right) $ transition in each clock period is 0.3, the average value (in volts, accurate to two decimal places) of the voltage at node $X$, is _______.

Answer : 0.82 to 0.86

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