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Question No. 158 CSE | GATE 2017

There are five buildings called V, W, X, Y and Z in a row (not necessarily in that order). V is to the West of W, Z is to the East of X and the West of V, W is to the West of Y. Which is the building in the middle? 

Answer : (A) V

Solution of Question No 158 of GATE 2017 CSE Paper

According to the condition given:

1.   V is to the West of W, so order will be VW.

2.   Z is to the East of X and West of V, so order will be XZ and ZV.

3.   W is the West of Y, so order will be WY.

Combining all conditions will gives:

(i)   XZ and ZV will gives XZV  ...(1)

(ii)  VW and WY will gives VWY  ...(2)

(iii) XZV and VWY will gives XZVWY from (1) and (2)

So, V is the middle building.

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