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Question No. 109 CSE | GATE 2017

Consider the following statements about the routing Protocols, Routing Information protocol (RIP) and open shortest path First (OSPF) in an IPv4 network.

I. RIP uses distance vector routing

II. RIP packets are sent using UDP

III. OSPF packets are sent using TCP

IV. OSPF operation is based on link-state routing

Which of the statement above are CORRECT?

Answer : (C) I, II and IV only

Solution of Question No 109 of GATE 2017 CSE Paper

RIP uses distance vector routing. OSPF uses link-state routing protocols.

RIP uses UDP as transport protocol.

OSPF neither uses TCP nor UDP.

[Link state packet should be given to all routers in subnet so it's not possible with TCP.

These link state packets should be reliable at that same time which is not posible with UDP].

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