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Question No. 138 CSE | GATE 2015

Assume that the bandwidth for a TCP connection is 1048560 bits/sec. Let α be the value of RIT in milliseconds (rounded off to the nearest integer) after which the TCP window scale option is needed. Let β be the maximum possible window size with window scale option. Then the values of α and β are

Answer : (C) 500 milliseconds, 65535 X 214

Solution of Question No 138 of GATE 2015 CSE Paper

Maximum windows size is the amount of data that can be transmitted in an RTT.

$ \therefore\;\mathrm{RTT}=\frac{65535\times8}{1048560\;\mathrm{bps}}=500\;\mathrm{ms} $

For scaling factor 14 bits are used

$\therefore$  Option (c) is correct.

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