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Question No. 240 CSE | GATE 2014

Consider the relational schema given below, where eId of the relation dependent is a foreign key referring to empId of the relation employee. Assume that every employee has at least one associated dependent in the dependent relation.

employee (empId, empName, empAge)
dependent(depId, eId, depName, depAge)

Consider the following relational algebra query:

$\style{font-family:'Courier New'}{{\mathrm\pi}_\mathrm{empId}\left(\mathrm{employee}\right)-{\mathrm\pi}_\mathrm{empId}\left(\mathrm{employee}\bowtie_{\left(\mathrm{empId}=\mathrm{eID}\right)\wedge\left(\mathrm{empAge}\leq\mathrm{depAge}\right)}\mathrm{Dependent}\right)}$

The above query evaluates to the set of empIds of employees whose age is greater than that of

Answer : (D) all of his/her dependents.

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