GATE Questions & Answers of Traversing and Triangulation Survey

What is the Weightage of Traversing and Triangulation Survey in GATE Exam?

Total 4 Questions have been asked from Traversing and Triangulation Survey topic of Surveying subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.50.

The following details refer to a closed traverse:

Line Consecutive coordinate
Northing (m) Southing (m) Easting (m) Westing (m)
PQ ---- 437 173 ----
QR 101 ---- 558 ----
RS 419 ---- ---- 96
SP ---- 83 ---- 634

The length and direction (whole circle bearing) of closure, respectively are

The observed bearings of a traverse are given below:

Line Bearing      Line Bearing
PQ 46° 15' QP 226° 15'
QR 108° 15' RQ 286° 15'
RS 201° 30' SR 20° 30'
ST 321° 45' TS 141° 45'

The station(s) most likely to be affected by the local attraction is/are

The method of orientation used, when the plane table occupies a position not yet located on the map, is called as

The reduced bearing of a 10 m long line is N30°E. The departure of the line is