GATE Questions & Answers of Influence lines

What is the Weightage of Influence lines in GATE Exam?

Total 5 Questions have been asked from Influence lines topic of Structural Analysis subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.80.

Consider the beam ABCD shown in the figure.

For a moving concentraed load of 50kN on the magnitude of the maximum bending moment (in kN-m) obtained at the support C will be equal  to ____________

In a beam of length L, four possible influence line diagrams for shear force at a section located at a distance of L4 from the left end support (marked as P, Q, R and S) are shown below. The correct influence line diagram is

Beam PQRS has internal hinges in spans PQ and RS as shown. The beammay be subjeted to a moving distributed vertical load of maximum intensity 4 kN/m of any length anywhere on the beam. The maximum absolute value of the shear force (in KN) that can occur due to this loading just to the right of support Q shall be:

The span(s) to be loaded uniformly for maximum positive (upward) reaction at support P, as shown in the figure below, is (are)

The influence line diagram (ILD) shown is for the member