GATE Questions & Answers of Analysis of Trusses

What is the Weightage of Analysis of Trusses in GATE Exam?

Total 9 Questions have been asked from Analysis of Trusses topic of Structural Analysis subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.56.

Consider the deformable pin-jointed truss with loading, geometry and section properties as shown in the figure.

Given that $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{E=2\times10^{11}\;\mathrm N/\mathrm m^2,\;A=10\;\mathrm{mm}^2\;,\;L=1\;\mathrm m\;\mathrm{and}\;P=1\mathrm{kN}}$ The horizontal displacement of Joint C (in mm, up to one decimal place) is ______

All the members of the planar truss (see figure), have the same properties in terms of area of cross-section $(A)$ and modulus of elasticity $(E)$.



For the loads shown on the truss, the statement that correctly represents the nature of forces in the members of the truss is:

Consider the plane truss with load P as shown in the figure. Let the horizontal and vertical reactions at the joint B be HB and VB, respectively and VC be the vertical reaction at the joint C.

Which one of the following sets gives the correct values of VB, HB and VC?

A plane truss with applied loads is shown in the figure.

The members which do not carry any force are

For the 2D truss with the applied loads shown below, the strain energy in the member XY is _______ kN-m. For member XY, assume AE=30 kN, where A is crosssection area and E is the modulus of elasticity.

For the truss shown below, the member PQ is short by 3 mm. The magnitude of vertical displacement of joint R (in mm) is _______________

The pin-jointed 2-D truss is loaded with a horizontal force of 15 KN at joint S and another 15 KN vertical force at joint U, as shown.Find the force in member RS (in KN) and report your answer taking tension as positive and compression as negative. __________

For the truss shown in the figure, the force in the member QR is

The members EJ and IJ of a steel truss shown in the figure below are subjected to a temperature rise of 30oC. The coefficient of thermal expansion of steel is 0.000012 per oC per unit length. The displacement (mm) of joint E relative to joint H along the direction HE of truss, is