GATE Questions & Answers of Uniform torsion

What is the Weightage of Uniform torsion in GATE Exam?

Total 5 Questions have been asked from Uniform torsion topic of Solid Mechanics subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.80.

A hollow circular shaft has an outer diameter of  100 mm and inner diameter of 50 mm. If the allowable shear stress is 125 MPa. The maximum torque (in kN-m) that the shaft can resist is ______ 

A solid circular shaft of diameter d and length L is fixed at one end and free at the other end. A torque T is applied at the free end. The shear modulus of the material is G. The angle of twist at three free ends is

A hollow circular shaft has an outer diameter of 100mm and a wall thickness of 25mm. The allowable shear stress in the shaft is 125MPa. The maximum torque the shaft can transmit is

The maximum shear stress in a solid shaft of circular cross-section having diameter subjected to a torque T is τ . If the torque is increased by four times and the diameter of the shaft is increased by two times, the maximum shear stress in the shaft will be

The maximum and minimum shear stresses in a hollow circular shaft of outer diameter 20 mm and thickness 2 mm, subjected to a torque of 92.7 N.m will be