Questions & Answers of Principal stresses

Two Triangular wedges are glued together as shown in the following figure. The stress acting normal to the interface, σn is __ MPa.

For the plane stress situation shown in the figure, the maximum shear stress and the plane on which it acts are:

The state of 2D-stress at a point is given by the following matrix of stresses:

σxxσxyσxyσyy=100303020 MPa

What is the magnitude of maximum shear stressin MPa?

consider a simply supported beam with a uniformly distributed load having a neutral axis (NA) as shown. For points P (on the neutral axis) and Q (at the bottom of the beam) the state of stress is best represented by which of the following pairs?

The major and minor principal stresses at a point are 3 MPa and -3 MPa respectively. The maximum shear stress at the point is

Consider the following statements:

I. On a principal plane, only normal stress acts.
II. On a principal plane, both normal and shear stresses act.
III. On a principal plane, only shear stress acts.
IV. Isotropic state of stress is independent of frame of reference.

The TRUE statements are

An axially loaded bar is subjected to a normal stress of 173 MPa. The shear stress in the bar is