GATE Questions & Answers of Cost Estimation

What is the Weightage of Cost Estimation in GATE Exam?

Total 1 Questions have been asked from Cost Estimation topic of Construction Materials and Management subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 2.00.

An earth embankment is to be constructed with compacted cohesionless soil. The volume of the embankment is 5000 m3 and the target dry unit weight is 16.2 kN/m3. Three nearly sites (see figure below) have been identified from where the required soil can be transported to the constructed site. The void ratios (e) of different sites are shown in the figure. Assume the specific gravity of soil to be 2.7 for all three sites. If the cost of transportation per km is twice the cost of excavation per m3 of borrow pits, which site would you choose as the most economic solution ?( use unit weight of water = 10 kN/m3)