GATE Questions & Answers of Construction Materials and Management Civil Engineering

The Le Chatelier apparatus is used to determine

The deformation in concrete due to sustained loading is

The frequency distribution of the compressive strength of 20 concrete cube specimens is given in the table.


If $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}\mu$ is the mean strength of the specimens and $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}\sigma$ is the standard deviation, the number of specimens (out of 20) with compressive strength less than $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{\mu-3\sigma}$ is ______


The setting time of cement is determined using

The activity details of a project are given below:

Activity Depends on Duration (in days)
P -- 6
Q P 15
R Q,T 12
S R 16
T P 10
U Q,T 14
V U 16

The estimated minimum time (in days) for the completion of the project will be ___________

Given that scope of the construction work is well-defined with all its drawings, specifications quantites and estimates, which one of the following type of contract would be most preferd?

For a construction project, the mean and standard deviation of the completion time are 200 days and 6.1 days, respectively. Assume normal distribution and use the value of standard normal deviate z = 1.64 for the 95% confidence level. The maximum time required (in days) for the completetion of the project would be _______________

Consider the following statements:

P. Walls of one brick thick are measured in square meters.

Q. Walls of one brick thick are measured in cubic meters.

R. NO deduction in the brickwork quantity is made for openings in walls up to 0.1 m2 area.

S. For the measurement of excavation from the borrow pit in a fairly uniform ground, deadmen are left the suitable intervals.

For the above statement, the correct option is

Bull's trench kiln is used in the manufacturing of

The compound which is largely responsible for initial setting and early strength gain of Ordinary Portland Cement is

The Optimistic Time (O), Most likely Time (M) and Pessimistic Time (P) (in days) of the activities in the critical path are given below in the format O-M-P.

The expected completion time (in days) of the project is _________

As per Indian standards for bricks, minimum acceptable compressive strength of any class of burnt clay bricks in dry state is

A construction project consists of twelve activities. The estimated duration (in days) required to complete each of the activities along with the corresponding network diagram is shown below.

Activity Duration (days) Activity Duration (days)
A Inauguration 1 G Flooring 25
B Foundation work 7 H Electrification 7
C Structural construction-1 30 I Plumbing 7
D Structural construction-2 30 J Wood work 7
E Brick masonry work 25 K Coloring 3
F Plastering 7 L Handing over function 7




Total floats (in days) for the activities 5-7 and 11-12 for the project are, respectively,


The activity-on-arrow network of activities for a construction project is shown in the figure. The durations (expressed in days) of the activities are mentioned below the arrows.

The critical duration for this construction project is

An earth embankment is to be constructed with compacted cohesionless soil. The volume of the embankment is 5000 m3 and the target dry unit weight is 16.2 kN/m3. Three nearly sites (see figure below) have been identified from where the required soil can be transported to the constructed site. The void ratios (e) of different sites are shown in the figure. Assume the specific gravity of soil to be 2.7 for all three sites. If the cost of transportation per km is twice the cost of excavation per m3 of borrow pits, which site would you choose as the most economic solution ?( use unit weight of water = 10 kN/m3)