GATE Questions & Answers of Unified and Indian standard soil classification system

What is the Weightage of Unified and Indian standard soil classification system in GATE Exam?

Total 8 Questions have been asked from Unified and Indian standard soil classification system topic of Soil Mechanics subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.25.

A fine grained soil is found to be plastic in the water content range of 26.48%. As per Indian Standerd Classification System, the soil is classified as

As per Indian Standard Soil Classification System (IS: 1498 - 1970), an expression for A-line is

The clay mineral primarily governing the swelling behavior of Black Cotton soil is

As per the Indian Standard soil classification system, a sample of silty clay with liquid limit of 40% and plasticity index of 28% is classified as

A fine grained soil has liquid limit of 60 and plastic limit of 20. As per the plasticity chart, according to IS classification, the soil is represented by the letter symbols

The laboratory test results of a soil sample are given below:

           Percentage finer than 4.75 mm = 60
           Percentage finer than 0.075 mm = 30
           Liquid Limit = 35%
           Plastic Limit = 27%

The soil classification is

Group symbols assigned to silty sand and clayey sand are respectively

Sieve analysis on a dry soil sample of mass 1000 g showed that 980 g and 270 g of soil pass through 4.75 mm and 0.075 mm sieve, respectively. The liquid limit and plastic limits of the soil fraction passing through 425μ sieves are 40% and 18% respectively. The soil may be classified as