GATE Questions & Answers of Index Properties

What is the Weightage of Index Properties in GATE Exam?

Total 7 Questions have been asked from Index Properties topic of Soil Mechanics subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.43.

In a shrinkage limit test, the volume and mass of a dry soil pat are found to be 50 cm3 and 88 g, respectively. The specific gravity of the soil solids is 2.71 and the density of water is 1 g/cc. The shrinkage limit (in %, up to two decimal places) is ______

The laboratory tests on a soil sample yields the following results: natural moisture content = 18%, liquid limit =60%, plastic limit = 25%, percentage of clay sized fraction =25%. The liquidity index and activity (as per the expression proposed by Skempton) of the soil, respectively, are

The porosity (n) and the degree of saturation (S) of a soil sample are 0.7 and 40%, respectively. In a 100 m3 volume of the soil, the volume (expressed in m3) of air is _________

The relationship between the specific gravity of sand (G) and the hydraulic gradient (i) to initiate quick condition in the sand layer having porosity of 30% is

A fine-grained soil has 60% (by weight) silt content. The soil behaves as semi-solid when water content is between 15% and 28%. The soil behaves fluid-like when the water content is more than 40%. The ‘Activity’ of the soil is

If the water content of a fully saturated soil mass is 100%, the void ratio of the sample is

A 588 cm3 volume of moist sand weighs 1010 gm. Its dry weight is 918 gm and specific gravity of solids, G is 2.67. Assuming density of water as 1 gm/cm3, the void ratio is ______.