GATE Questions & Answers of Stability of Slopes - Finite and Infinite Slopes

What is the Weightage of Stability of Slopes - Finite and Infinite Slopes in GATE Exam?

Total 6 Questions have been asked from Stability of Slopes - Finite and Infinite Slopes topic of Foundation Engineering subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.67.

The infinite sand slope shown in the figure is on the verge of sliding failure. The ground water table coincides with the ground surface. Unit weight of water $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{\gamma_w=9.81\;\mathrm{kN}/\mathrm m^3}$.


The value of the effective angle of internal friction (in degrees, up to one decimal place) of the sand is ___________

For the construction of a highway, a cut is to be made as shown in the figure.

The soil exhibits c’=20k Pa, $ \style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{\phi'=18^\circ}$, and the undrained  shear strength = 80 kPa. The unit weight of water is 9.81 kN/m3. The unit weights of the soil above and below the ground water table are 18 and 20 kN/m3, respectively. If the shear stress at Point A is 50 kPa, the factors of safety against the shear failure at this point, considering the undrained and drained conditions, respectively, would be 

In friction circle method of slope stability analysis, if r defines the radius of the slip circle, the radius of friction circle is:

A long slope is formed in a soil with shear strength parameters: c' = 0 and $\phi'$ = 34°. A firm stratum lies below the slope and it is assumed that the water table may occasionally rise to the surface, with seepage taking place parallel to the slope. Use γsat = 18 kN/m3 and γw = 10 kN/m3. The maximum slope angle (in degrees) to ensure a factor of safety of 1.5, assuming a potential failure surface parallel to the slope, would be

An infinitely long slope is made up of a c-φ soil having the properties: cohesion (c) = 20 kPa, and dry unit weight (γd) = 16 kN/m3. The angle of inclination and critical height of the slope are 40° and 5 m, respectively. To maintain the limiting equilibrium, the angle of internal friction of the soil (in degrees) is _________________

The soil profile above the rock surface for a 25o infinite slope is shown in the figure, where su is the undrained shear strength and γ t is total unit weight. The slip will occur at a depth of