GATE Questions & Answers of Drinking water standards

What is the Weightage of Drinking water standards in GATE Exam?

Total 3 Questions have been asked from Drinking water standards topic of Water and Waste Water subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.33.

As per IS 10500:2012, for drinking water in the absence of alternate source of water, the permissible limits for chloride and sulphate, in mg/L, respectively are

The analysis of a water sample produces the following results:


milligram per milli-equivalent
for the ion


Ca2+ 20.0 60
Mg2+ 12.2 36.6
Na+ 23.0 92
K+ 39.1 78.2
Cl- 35.5 71
SO42- 48.0 72
HCO3- 61.0 122

The total hardness (in mg/L as CaCO3 ) of  the water sample is ___________

A groundwater sample was found to contain 500 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS). TDS (in %) present in the sample is ____