GATE Questions & Answers of Air pollution control

What is the Weightage of Air pollution control in GATE Exam?

Total 2 Questions have been asked from Air pollution control topic of Air Pollution subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.50.

It was decided to construct a fabric filter, using bags of 0.45 m diameter and 7.5 m long, for removing industrial stack gas containing particulates. The expected rate of airflow into the filter is 10 m3/s. If the filtering velocity is 2.0 m/min, the minimum number of bags (rounded to nearest higher integer) required for continuous cleaning operation is

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with 5600 m2 of collector plate area is 96 percent efficient in treating 185 m3/s of flue gas from a 200 MW thermal power plant. It was found that in order to achieve 97 percent efficiency, the collector plate area should be 6100 m2. In order to increase the efficiency to 99 percent, the ESP collector plate area (expressed in m2) would be ______