GATE Questions & Answers of Conditional probability

What is the Weightage of Conditional probability in GATE Exam?

Total 2 Questions have been asked from Conditional probability topic of Probability and Statistics subject in previous GATE papers. Average marks 1.50.

There are two containers, with one containing 4 Red and 3 Green balls and the other containing 3Blue and 4 Green balls. One ball is drawn at random from each container. The probability that one of the balls is Red and the other is Blue will be

A person on a trip has a choice between private car and public transport. The probability of using a private car is 0.45. While using the public transport, further choices available are bus and metro, out of which the probability of commuting by a bus is 0.55. In such a situation, the probability (rounded up to two decimals) of using a car, bus and metro, respectively would be