Civil Engineering - GATE 2019 Paper Solution


The lecture was attended by quite ________ students, so the hall was not very ______.

They have come a long way in _________________ trust among the users.

On a horizontal ground, the base of a straight ladder is 6 m away from the base of a vertical pole. The ladder makes an angle of 45º to the horizontal. If the ladder is resting at a point located at one-fifth of the height of the pole from the bottom, the height of the pole is ____ meters.

If E = 10; J = 20; O = 30; and T = 40, what will be P + E + S + T ?

The CEO’s decision to quit was as shocking to the Board as it was to ______.

The new cotton technology, Bollgard-II, with herbicide tolerant traits has developed into a thriving business in India. However, the commercial use of this technology is not legal in India. Notwithstanding that, reports indicate that the herbicide tolerant Bt cotton had been purchased by farmers at an average of Rs 200 more than the control price of ordinary cotton, and planted in 15% of the cotton growing area in the 2017 Kharif season.

Which one of the following statements can be inferred from the given passage?

In a sports academy of 300 people, 105 play only cricket, 70 play only hockey, 50 play only football, 25 play both cricket and hockey, 15 play both hockey and football and 30 play both cricket and football. The rest of them play all three sports. What is the percentage of people who play at least two sports?

“The increasing interest in tribal characters might be a mere coincidence, but the timing is of interest. None of this, though, is to say that the tribal hero has arrived in Hindi cinema, or that the new crop of characters represents the acceptance of the tribal character in the industry. The films and characters are too few to be described as a pattern.”

What does the word ‘arrived’ mean in the paragraph above?

A square has sides 5 cm smaller than the sides of a second square. The area of the larger square is four times the area of the smaller square. The side of the larger square is _____ cm.

P, Q, R, S and T are related and belong to the same family. P is the brother of S. Q is the wife of P. R and T are the children of the siblings P and S respectively. Which one of the following statements is necessarily FALSE?

Which one of the following is correct?

Consider a two-dimensional flow through isotropic soil along $x$ direction and $z$ direction. If $h$ is the hydraulic head, the Laplace’s equation of continuity is expressed as

A simple mass-spring oscillatory system consists of a mass m, suspended from a spring of stiffness k. Considering z as the displacement of the system at any time t, the equation of motion for the free vibration of the system is $m\overset{\mathit¨}{\mathit z}+kz=0$ . The natural frequency of the system is

For a small value of h, the Taylor series expansion for  is $f(x+h)$

A plane truss is shown in the figure (not drawn to scale).

Which one of the options contains ONLY zero force members in the truss?

An element is subjected to biaxial normal tensile strains of 0.0030 and 0.0020. The normal strain in the plane of maximum shear strain is

Consider the pin-jointed plane truss shown in the figure (not drawn to scale). Let $R_P,R_Q$, and $R_R$ denote the vertical reactions (upward positive) applied by the supports at P, Q, and R, respectively, on the truss. The correct combination of $(R_P,\;R_Q,\;R_R)$ is represented by


Assuming that there is no possibility of shear buckling in the web, the maximum reduction permitted by IS 800-2007 in the (low-shear) design bending strength of a semi-compact steel section due to high shear is

In the reinforced beam section shown in the figure (not drawn to scale), the nominal cover provided at the bottom of the beam as per IS 456-2000, is


The interior angles of four triangles are given below:

Triangle Interior Angles
P $85^\circ,\;50^\circ,\;45^\circ$
Q $100^\circ,\;55^\circ,\;25^\circ$
R $100^\circ,\;45^\circ,\;35^\circ$
S $130^\circ,\;30^\circ,\;20^\circ$

Which of the triangles are ill-conditioned and should be avoided in Triangulation surveys ?