Civil Engineering - GATE 2015 Paper Solution


SET - 1

Extreme focus on syllabus and studying for tests has become such a dominant concern of Indian students that they close their minds to anything _______ to the requirements of the exam.

Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the pair:
Children : Pediatrician

The Tamil version of ______ John Abraham-starrer Madras Cafe _____ cleared by the Censor Board with no cuts last week, but the film’s distributors _______ no takers among the exhibitors for a release in Tamil Nadu _____ this Friday.

If ROAD is written as URDG, then SWAN should be written as:

A function f(x) is linear and has a value of 29 at x = –2 and 39 at x = 3. Find its value at x = 5.

Alexander turned his attention towards India, since he had conquered Persia.

Which one of the statements below is logically valid and can be inferred from the above sentence ?

Most experts feel that in spite of possessing all the technical skills required to be a batsman of the highest order, he is unlikely to be so due to lack of requisite temperament. He was guilty of throwing away his wicket several times after working hard to lay a strong foundation. His critics pointed out that until he addressed this problem, success at the highest level will continue to elude him.
Which of the statement(s) below is/are logically valid and can be inferred from the above passage ?

(i) He was already a successful batsman at the highest level.
(ii) He has to improve his temperament in order to become a great batsman
(iii) He failed to make many of his good starts count.
(iv) Improving his technical skills will guarantee success.

The exports and imports(in crores of Rs.) of a country from the year 2000 to 2007 are given in the following bar chart. In which year is the combined percentage increase in imports and exports the highest ?

Choose the most appropriate equation for the function drawn as a thick line, in the plot below.


The head of a newly formed government desires to appoint five of the six selected members P,Q,R,S,T, and U to portfolios of Home, Power, Defense, Telecom, and Finance. U does not want any portfolio if S gets one of the five. R wants either Home or Finance or no portfolio. Q says that if S gets either Power or Telecom, then she must get the other one. T insists on a portfolio if P gets one.
Which is the valid distribution of portfolios ?

For what value of p the following set of equation will have no solution ?

$ \begin{array}{l}2\mathrm x+3\mathrm y=5\\3\mathrm x+\mathrm{py}=10\end{array} $

The integral $ \int_{x_1}^{x_2}\;x^2dx $ with x> x1 > 0 is evaluated analytically as well as numerically using a single application of the trapezoidal rule. If $ I $ is the exact value of the integral obtained analytically and $ J $ is the approximate value obtained using the trapezoidal rule, which of the following statements is correct about their relationship ?

Consider the following probability mass function (p.m.f) of a random variable X.

p(x,q) =  qif X=01-qif X=10otherwise

If =0.4, the variance of X is _________.


Workability of concrete can be measured using slump, compaction factor and Vebe time. Consider the following statements for workability of concrete:

(i) As the slump increases, the Vebe time increases
(ii) As the slump increases, the compaction factor increases

Which of the following is TRUE ?

Consider the following statements for air-entrained concrete:

(i) Air-entrainment reduces the water demand for a given level of workability
(ii) Use of air-entrained concrete is required in environments where cyclic freezing and thawing is expected

Which of the following is TRUE ?

Consider the singly reinforced beam shown in the figure below:

At cross-section XX, which of the following statements is TRUE at the limit state ?

For the beam shown below, the stiffness coefficient K22 can be written as

The development length of a deformed reinforcement bar can be expressed as $ (I/k)\;(\phi\sigma_s/\tau_{bd}). $. From the IS:456-2000, the value of k can be calculated as _________.

For the beam shown below, the value of the support moment M is _____ kN-m.

Two Triangular wedges are glued together as shown in the following figure. The stress acting normal to the interface, σn is __ MPa.