Civil Engineering - GATE 2011 Paper Solution


[A] is a square matrix which is neither symmetric nor skew-symmetric and [A]T is its transpose.The sum and differene of these matrices are defined as [s]=[A]+[A]T and [D]=[A]-[A]T,respectively.Which of the following statements is true?

The square root of a number N is to be obtained by applying the Newton Raphson iterations to thee quation x2-N=0.if i denotes the iteration index, the correct iterative scheme will be

There are two containers, with one containing 4 Red and 3 Green balls and the other containing 3Blue and 4 Green balls. One ball is drawn at random from each container. The probability that one of the balls is Red and the other is Blue will be

For the fillet weld of size "s" shown in the adjoining figure the effective throat thickness is

A 16 mm thick plate measuring 650 mm x 420 mm is used as a base plate for an ISHB 300 column subjected to a factored axial compressive load of 2000 kN. As per IS 456-2000,The minimum grade of concrete that should be used below the base plate for safely carrying the load is

Consider a reinforcing bar embedded in concrete. In a marine environment this bar under goes uniform corrosion, which leads to the deposition of corrosion products on its surface and increase in the apparent volume of the bar. This subjects the surrounding concrete to expansive pressure. As a result, corrosion induced cracks appear at the surface of  concrete. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

The results for sieve analysis carried out for three types of sand P,Q and R, are gives in the adjoining figure. If the fineness modulus values of the three sands are given as FMP,FMQ and FMR, it can be stated that

The cross-section of a thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) reinforcing bar has

consider a simply supported beam with a uniformly distributed load having a neutral axis (NA) as shown. For points P (on the neutral axis) and Q (at the bottom of the beam) the state of stress is best represented by which of the following pairs?

For a saturated sand deposit, the void ratio and the specific gravity of solids are 0.70 and 2.67 respectively. The critical (upward) hydraulic gradient for the deposit would be

Likelihood of general shear failure for an isolated footing in sand decreases with

For a sample of dry, cohesionless soil with friction angle $\phi$, the failure plane will be inclined tothe major principal plane by an angle equal to

Two geometrically identical isolated footings, X (linear elastic) and Y (rigid), are loaded identically (shown alongside). The soil reactions will

A soil is composed of solid spherical grains of identical specific gravity and diameter between 0.075mm and 0.0075mm. if the terminal velocity of the largest particle falling through water without flocculation is 0.5 mm/s, that for the smallest particle would be

A watershed got transformed from rural to urban over a period of time. The effect of urbanization on storm runoff hydrograph from the watershed is to

For a given discharge, the critical flow depth in an open channel depends on

For a body completely submerged in a fluid, the centre of gravity(G) and centre of Buoyancy (O) are known. The body is considered to be in stable equilibrium if

The flow in a horizontal, frictionless rectangular open channel is supercritical. A smooth hump is built on the channel floor. As the height of hump is increased, choked condition is attained. With further increase in the height of the hump, the water surface will

consider the following unit processes commonly used in water treatment; rapid mixing (RM), flocculation (F), primary sedimentation (PS), secondary sedimentation(SS),chlorination(C) and rapid sand filtration(RSF). The order of these unit processes(first to last) in a conventional water treatment plant is

Anaerobically treated effluent has MPN of total coliform as 106/100 mL. After chlorination ,the MPN value declines to 102/100mL. The percent removal(%R) and log removal (log R) of total coliform MPN is