Civil Engineering - GATE 2009 Paper Solution


A square matrix B is skew-symmetric if

For a scalar function f(x,y,z) = x2 +3y2 +2z2, the gradient at the point P(1,2,-1) is

The analytic function fz=z-1z2+1 has singularities at

The analytic function fz=z-1z2+1 has singularities at

A thin walled cylindrical pressure vessel having a radius of 0.5 m and wall thickness of 25 mm is subjected to an internal pressure of 700 kPa. The hoop stress developed is

The modulus of rupture of concrete in terms of its characteristic cube compressive strength (fck) in MPa according to IS 456:2000 is

In the theory of plastic bending of beams, the ratio of plastic moment to yield moment is called

For limit state of collapse, the partial safety factors recommended by IS 456:2000 for estimating the design strength of concrete and reinforcing steel are respectively

The point within the cross sectional plane of a beam through which the resultant of the external loading on the beam has to pass through to ensure pure bending without twisting of the cross-section of the beam is called

The square root of the ratio of moment of inertia of the cross section to its cross sectional area is called

Deposit with flocculated structure is formed when

Dilatancy correction is required when a strata is

A precast concrete pile is driven with a 50 kN hammer falling through a height of 1.0 m with an efficiency of 0.6. The set value observed is 4 mm per blow and the combined temporary compression of the pile, cushion and the ground is 6 mm. As per Modified Hiley Formula, the ultimate resistance of the pile is

Direct step method of computation for gradually varied flow is

The relationship among specific yield (Sy), specific retention (Sr) and porosity (η) of an aquifer is

The depth of flow in an alluvial channel is 1.5 m. If critical velocity ratio is 1.1 and Manning’s n is 0.018, the critical velocity of the channel as per Kennedy’s method is

The reference pressure used in the determination of sound pressure level is

Particulate matter (fly ash) carried in effluent gases from the furnaces burning fossil fuels are better removed by

The value of lateral friction or side friction used in the design of horizontal curve as per India Roads Congress guidelines is

During a CBR test, the load sustained by a remolded soil specimen at 5.0mm penetration is 50kg. The CBR value of the soil will be