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Question No. 133 Civil | GATE 2017

Consider the following statements:

P. Walls of one brick thick are measured in square meters.

Q. Walls of one brick thick are measured in cubic meters.

R. NO deduction in the brickwork quantity is made for openings in walls up to 0.1 m2 area.

S. For the measurement of excavation from the borrow pit in a fairly uniform ground, deadmen are left the suitable intervals.

For the above statement, the correct option is

Answer : (D) P-True; Q-False; R-True; S-True

Solution of Question No 133 of GATE 2017 Civil Paper

$\rightarrow$ Brick masanry is measured in volume for thick-ness more than single bricks. For masonry with single bricks it is measured in square metres.

$\rightarrow$ No deduction is made for following.

• Opening each up to 1000 (0.1 sq.meter).

• Ends of beams rafters etc up to 500 or 0.05 sq. m in sectoin.

• Bed plata wall plate bearing of balcony and the like up to 10cm depth bearing of floor and roof slabs are not deducted for masonry.

$\rightarrow$ When the ground is not uniform, levels shall be taken before the start, after site clearance and after the completion of the work and the quantity of excavation in cutting is computed from these levels.

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