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Question No. 130 Civil | GATE 2017

Group I gives a list of the methods and test apparatus for evaluating some of the properties of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and concrete. Group II gives the list of these properties.

Group I Group II
P. Le Chatelier test 1. Soundness of OPC
Q. Vee-Bee test 2. Consistency and setting time of OPC
R. Blaine air permeability test 3. Consistency or workability of concrete
S. The vicat apparatus 4. Fineness of OPC

The correct match of the items in Group I with the items in Group II is

Answer : (A) P-1, Q-3, R-4, S-2

Solution of Question No 130 of GATE 2017 Civil Paper

(1) Le Chatelier test : This test is used to measure the soundness of OPC due to lime. Lime & Magnesia are two primary compounds responsible for soundness of cement.

(2) Vee Bee Test : It is one of the method of measuring the workability of concrete.

(3) Blaine Air Permeability : It is used to measure fineness of cement.

(4) The Vicat Apparatus : It is used to measure setting time and consistency of concreate.

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