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Question No. 116 Civil | GATE 2017

In a material under a state of plane strain, a 10 × 10 mm square centered at a point gets deformed as shown in the figure.

If the shear strain $\style{font-family:'Times New Roman'}{\gamma_{xy}}$ at this point is expressed as $ 0.001k $ (in rad), the value of $ k $ is

Answer : (D) -0.50

Solution of Question No 116 of GATE 2017 Civil Paper

Shear strain in an element is positive when the angle between two positive faces (or two nagative faces) is reduced.

The strain is nagative when the angle between two positive (or two nagative) faces increase.

$ \begin{array}{l}\therefore\;{\mathrm y}_\mathrm{xy}\;=-0.0005=0.001\;\mathrm K\\\therefore\;\;\;\;\mathrm k\;=-0.5\end{array} $

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